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I’m Gordon, this is my static website organized as a feed of posts. These posts will be lab reports sharing my education in Cloud Engineering, Site Reliability Engineering, and DevOps topics.

I am passionate about DevOps, a movement of people and practices aiming to optimize business value chains through effective cooperation between development and operations. I was inspired most by the writing of Gene Kim both The Phoenix Project and Accelerate. If you’ve tackled those I would recommend some maintainance like keeping up with the State of DevOps Report.

My DevOps reflections hit home the most when I was thinking about continuous improvement. In my past career experience developing autonomous rail systems I was most motivated by building automations into the system engineering process itself. Taking control of your project schedule by improving the way your team delivers value and besting the project management estimates was a gratifying challenge to overcome. I had a core feeling that the people employing DevOps and getting their business operations right were tapping into something universal and too often overlooked in management structures.

Since being introduced to DevOps my singular career focus has been to upskill and reorient. My ideal application of my creative energy is to leverage code and automation in the cloud, in a DevOps workflow & culture, to continuously improve delivery of excellent customer facing products.

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